Facility Management Services

This service focuses on supporting employees in achieving a better balance between their personal and professional lives.

We present a set of work-life solutions tailored to your company and the needs of your employees. They consist of several packages of hours / employee / year and include, among others:

  • Organization of Babysitting
  • Children travel arrangements home / school / study room / other
  • Domestic staff placement
  • Home care organization for the elderly
  • Accompanying elderly to consultations / hospitals
  • Organization of the garage car travel, periodic inspection and cleaning
  • Pet transport to the vet, pet-sitting and pet funeral services
  • Housekeeping services and delivery (documentation, shoemaker, laundry, picking up medical examinations, etc.)
  • All types of budget
  • General information services (all kinds of other issues, such as travel routes, travel agencies, restaurant reservations, theaters, cinemas, concerts, etc.)
  • Vehicle washing and other services with the vehicle
  • Organization of events (children’s parties, theme dinners, etc.)
  • Organizing school lessons at home
  • Other services

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